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Frequently Asked

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What does a mentor chef do?

A mentor chef learns a person's personal dietary restrictions, finds delicious recipes that fit into those restrictions and then will come to your home and alongside you teach the recipes.

For the in-home meeting, who buys the groceries for the recipes selected for cooking?

I will supply you with a list of ingredients needed for the recipes and you will buy the groceries for the recipes. For an additional fee, I can buy and bring them with me.

Why would it be beneficial to have the mentor chef  prepare the recipes with me?

Many times when you make a recipe (for the first time) questions arise and the recipe just doesn't explain it enough.  The chef mentor has made this recipes and has the expertise to answer and guide you through any questions.

What if I want to have the Mentor Chef help me with a recipe that she didn't give me?

The Mentor Chef is open to helping teach recipes from other sources.

How long will it take to get the recipes after the consultation?

You will receive the recipes within 7-10 days.

After all three meetings, can I get more recipes and/or in home tutoring?

Yes, more meetings can be scheduled.

How much time does the Mentor Chef spend at my home helping me prepare the recipes?

The Mentor Chef will spend two hours in the kitchen with you.

Does the mentor chef give advice on which food a person can eat?

No.  The Mentor Chef is not a nutritionist and is not qualified to say what is healthy for individuals.  The Mentor Chef is qualified to find and teach you how to prepare recipes that meet your dietary restrictions.

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